Alegria Auto Sales Reviews

  • I recently purchased a truck in this dealer with just one thousand ,they didn't ask me for a full coverage insurance i signed for a year warranty i just brought my checkstubs they dont even check my credit..we deserve a second oportunity and this guys give me one after this big resession i loose my house but i am on my feet again thank you people from alegria i recommend this dealer and i thank to my friend paul rose who brought me here Hernan Urrea Edit
  • I think alegria auto sales is great I mean they give you so many good deals! I got 4 free oil changes, I got a 1yr warranty on my engine,transmission & air condition! Then after 6months of making my payments on time I get a $500.00 voucher for service. I'm sorry that's a good deal all the way around! I have gotten use cars before & they have never given me deals like this. I feel like they keep it 1oo% with you most places sale you car as is so all these haters need to kick rocks. I'm in my explore feeling lovely looking down on boys it is what it I know what I got they tell you straight up what they cove. Thank you alegria auto for blessing me with my ride. How can you complain with $100 - $200.00 referral fees, $500.00 down on nice cars!!! I'm a keep it real with you go get you a car & tell them keyonna randle referred you!!! Enjoy your day hi haters!!! Keyonna Randle Edit
  • I got my car from there they are really have gud cars nd trucks only put 500.00 dollars down Shauntel Whitsey Edit
  • I just payed off my 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt. The car was in very good condition at purchase and after 2 1/2 years of driving i only encountered minor problems with the vehicle. Alegria will shut off your vehicle if you are late and you have not called to ask for a week extension. They do not allow you to go past 1 week. This to me is excellent because they will not allow you to fall too far behind. My only bad experience is after i got the car down to owing only $2000 one guy called on the day the note was due and threatened to repo even after they knew i traded the car in. The total price is 15K and i have paid 13k and now you want to repo it???? I did my job and got everyone else to do their job and got the remaining 2K paid off. I am waiting to see if Alegria will call me and say Thanks Lisa Roberts Edit